Stereo Newsletter-Volume 2-Issue 1


Operative Agents, Welcome to the first installment of The Agency Handbook for 2006. Commit to memory.

All Sound Agents have returned from their not-so-covert mission in Barcelona. Their assignment? Secure as much footage as humanly possible for the new Stereo video due out for the Holidays. Stereo is set for a busy '06 with art shows, the launch of the Stereo/Kangol collection, filming trips and demos.

Check in with the home office at for updates. Who knows, the Sound Agents may be rolling into a city near you.

Thanks for your support of the Stereo Sound Agency.


Jason Lee and Chris Pastras


Clint Peterson- Agent Q-379 joined the Stereo AM's for Tampa AM and has racked-up his fair share of coverage over the past months. For just a sample, go see the great blunt fakie sequence from the Barcelona footage in The List section of the March issue of Skateboarder.

Olly Todd – Aiding the quest for Sound Agency world domination, Agent LT-73 graced the pages of the January Sidewalk with a spectacular interview. Nice work Olly!

Daniel Shimizu – Currently filming for the Nike video, which our intelligence says will be due out sometime next year. In the meantime, catch Daniel representing the Sound Agency and WESC on the Nike trip to China, in the January issue of SLAP.

Danny Renaud – Whereabouts unknown. What we do know is that he's somewhere on the East Coast, filming and working on coverage. Beyond that is anyones guess. You can be sure to see Danny in his new video part on Westside Skateshop's video #4, “The Good Life”. Or, for some good insight on what life on the road is like with Agent 305 (aka Lonewolf), check out the March issue of Skateboarder in the Road Weary segment of the mag.

Danny Supa – Working on coverage and filming for his Nike video part back in Venice, CA. Agent 718 appears in the latest Stereo ad in Skateboarder and The Skateboard Mag. You can also catch shots of Danny from the Red Bull trip to Puerto Rico in the March issue of Skateboarder, and the Nike trip to China in the January issue of SLAP.

Benny Fairfax – Agent Fairfax is a man on the move. Fresh from his return to the US, he's now on his way to Los Angeles via Tampa. Amidst all the traveling, some quick-on-the-draw photog managed to snap pics of Benny on the Red Bull Puerto Rico trip. Check them out in the March issue of Skateboarder.

Dyson Ramones – Agent Aloha was in Tampa for Tampa AM. Now he's sitting tight in Hawaii, working on coverage and shooting for the new Stereo video. Dyson represents for the Agency in the February issue of Transworld, in the Checkout section and with a Duffs ad in the January edition of Skateboarder.

Co-Captain Lee – Wednesday, March 1st, don't miss Co-Captain Lee on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Check your local listing for airtimes. And watch for subliminal Stereophonic transmissions. You know what to do.

Co-Captain Pastras – Live in the San Francisco area? Or if not, need an excuse to road-trip? Seize the day. Aim for the Carpe Diem art show March 10th at Onsix Gallery. Co-Captain Pastras will have work on display and up for auction alongside Jason Adams, Brian Anderson, Bigfoot, Joe Brook, Steve Caballero, Curtis Hsiang, Lance Dawes, Mark Desalvo, Randy Dodson, Bryce Kanights, Neckface, Luke Ogden, Steve Olson, Russ Pope, Shaw, Steffan Simikich, Corey Smith, Jai Tanju, and Ed Templeton.

Good work Agents!
Months of speculations have come to an end. It was rumored that Tony Silva was running covert missions for the Sound Agency. We are pleased to announce that Agent Silva is officially a Stereo Sound Agent. The Agency Handbook caught up with Operative Agent Captain, Clint Peterson after the announcement, “Tony is a smooth operator, with skills to boot “, said Peterson when asked about what he thought of Tony's addition to the roster.
Run, don't walk to your local newsstand and pick up the latest issue #30 of Vapors. Chris and Jason appear on the cover and discuss their day-to-day lives as Stereo Co-Captains. Here's your chance to get the inside scoop, don't miss it.