Zero – Demo of the Year

July 16th, Riverside Active-

It may have been one of the hottest days of the year, but the Zero team came out and skated like it was perfect weather. Everyone, pro and am, that calls Zero their sponsor was there skateboarding and showing the crowd why Zero is one of the best skateboarding teams in the world. Jamie Thomas also brought out tons of give-a-ways for all the attendees and we had lots of water flowing to keep everyone in good spirits.

We christened the moment when Jamie decided to skate the street course after we announced the fact that he had recently come off of his 4th knee surgery by playing his The Who song, Baba O’Riley, often mislabeled as Teenage Wasteland. It was a moment of glory that seemed to be a mirage in the heat. Rumors were floating around the demo that Tommy Sandoval will be going pro soon… we’ll see! Tony Cervantes, Chris Cole, Lindsey Robertson, Elissa Steamer, Ben Gilley and all of the other riders were showing the crowd what it takes to be a top skateboarder in the world. Keegan Sauder rolled his ankle right before he got to the demo so no one got to see how amazing Keegan is, it’s too bad. Maybe next time, or at Bling Fest. We also held a signing that lasted over 3 hours and the team signed an autograph for EVERY person in line, and we think they deserve your business! So, support Zero, Mystery and Fallen products!

Thanks to everyone who came out, Jamie Thomas, Chris Bodiford, the Zero, Mystery & Fallen Team and Staff, Keith and the Riverside Active staff, Corey, Tammy, Boomer, Mikal, Chipotle for hooking everyone up with food, Red Bull for giving people in Riverside wings and anyone else who made this event possible.