X Games 13- Chris Cole Remains Victorious

The top 10 skaters that competed in the X Games finals showed up ready to skate and were throwing themselves down the obstacles and showing why they are considered the best in the business. Chris Cole who had been victorious in last year’s X Games was once again given top honors as the Gold Medalist in Men’s Skate Street Finals.Chris Cole not only won skate street, but won best trick which gave him a grand total winnings of $60,000 for the day. Not too shabby. When asked about the win Cole said, “I’m just happy I have a golden ticket for next year.” Cole was referring to the fact that he doesn’t have to skate in the prelims to make it into the top 10 next year. Who knows, maybe Chris Cole will have a three-peat in 2008.Congratulations to everyone who placed in X Games 13!Check out some clips from Street Best Trick:

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Video: Daniel Haney[zp]xgames2007[/zp]Photos: Erica Yary and all skating and best trick photos, Erik BraggOfficial Standings:Men’s Street Finals1. Chris Cole 94.332. Greg Lutzka 93.423. Jereme Rogers 87.424. Ryan Sheckler 87.175. Tommy Sandoval 86.256. Paul Rodriguez 86.07. Mark Appleyard 84.928. Eric Koston 82.759. Andrew Reynolds 80.5010. Nick Dompierre 78.42Women’s Street Finals1. Marisa Del Santo 86.082. Elissa Steamer 80.333. Amy Caron 80.164. Lacey Baker 71.415. Evelien Bouilliart 65.756. Vanessa Torres 62.667. Lauren Perkins 60.088. Leticia Bufoni 58.16

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hey Chris Cole is for shure the best skater in his style and all of his tricks are clean and never hate any skater because they are great I like all skaters but I like some more then others.

ALL of u koston fans and all other haters can back off chris is the best no questions asked!chris cole is the best skater that ever walked on this damn earth that dudes my hero!! i saw his videos and thats what made me start skatin eight years ago.

chris cole is my skater favorite,,,he is the best in all world for sk8.
tengo 14 años y soy un poco identico a cris cole,mis friends me disen que cuando creesca,voy a ser a un mas identico a el,tambien salto igual que el.y estoy casi seguro que lo voy a conoser en persona(algun dia)
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u are the best of all time u could have won that es game of skate but bump that bull ***** u know that from the start u got that fullcab 360flip that is the bust and no one can do that like u u got the stile that makes u look cool dont cut your hair that looks tite long im going to let myn grow like yours, but myn is red or onrnge how ever u want to call it but im going to die it black like yours but i like the way u skate u the best ever to me u can beat all these other skaters out in this world i g2g talk to u soon go to my myspace at. ( [email protected] ) “if i was *** i would go out with u but im not becouse im not gay

dude chris i idolize you i have skated all of your zeros and i have the s.o.t.y deck in a plaque on my wall mut yeah double tre-flip….greatest

your a legend

Chris the x games was mad crazy. the tre flip was huge. i have all of the zero videos. i have your s.o.t.y board still in the plastic. I have your pants and shoes.

dude tomas is right and that was some deep stuff right there and another thing is whats the point on talkin crap on people on the internet cos theyre probably never gonna see it and all those skaters are sick cos that was some crazy stuff down that beast of a double set and you can talk crap i dont care im just saying that theres no point

sk8r is wrong u all have the same chance in life as any pro we just need confidence in ourselves

Taylor and fgnrfkgn you are wright about chris cole he is the best skater ever ever ever ever and jamie thomas but u ar wrong about the other skaters they are on the same baot they just have different styles and as for the rest of the bad comments, just cop urselfs on and have a little respect for other skaters

your all fuuck tarts. chris cole did a 360 flip. he doesant have fuucking stupid shoes. you have fuucking stupid shoes ya puss puss. plus, koston, sheckler, aincluding reynolds THEY ALL SUCK IN THIS. WHO ELSE COULD DO A DOUBLE TREY FLIP DOWN AN 11 STAIR? huh? not you. not them. fuuckas. and his shoes are hot wax, fallens, top 1 of the top five. shiitheads.

Ryan Sheckler is good, but he is a sell out. None of these guys suck. They are better than you or me will ever be. Give them some credit. I personally wouldv’e preffered p-rod to win, but oh well…

Ryan Sheckler should have won. Chris Cole has ****** style and wears stupid shoes. Eric Koston isnt as good as he used to be, which means he sucks now, All reynolds does is kickflip ****,

Also, if you’re going to say that Cole “only” landed two tricks,then you should take into account that Koston “only” landed two tricks as well.

#1 Eric Koston Fan. Cole may have only landed 2 tricks but the point of a BEST TRICK contest is to land the BEST TRICK. Koston landed more tricks then him ok but Cole’s trick was the hardest one done that night im sorry you just have to deal with that. A double 3 flip down a double set is better then a switch heel or switch 360 any day in my book.

Whoever edited this video is VERY UNORIGINAL. This song was used in the legendary video, PJ Ladds Horrible Wonderful Life in PJ’s part. Ripoff