X Games 13- Active Takes Gold!

Figgy Puds

Active competed against several other Southern California based skate shops in a 'Shop Challenge' X Games put on for the first time this year. The contest took place prior to the X Games Best Trick and the tension was high. The Active Team consisted of Justin Figueroa and Torey Pudwill. Figgy broke his board after skating for only about 10 minutes and had to skate Colin Provost's board and Torey was throwing himself down the obstacles and going crazy. After the intense jam session on the obstacles for 30 minutes, the Active Team was awarded an X Games Gold Medal in the first ever Shop Challenge!

Active would like to congratulate Justin Figueroa and Torey Pudwill on a job well done and we are ready to follow in the footsteps of Chris Cole and make sure we bring home the glory again next year! Check out the clips and photos from the challenge.

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Video Daniel Haney


Skate Photos: Erik Bragg

all you have to do to kickflip is ollie and kick down on the side of the board!!!!
you can go on youtube and find tutorials for kickflips all day long!!!!!
does any body have any tips on doing a hardflip because every time my board flies too far from me??
does anybody live in california??
does anybody live in chino or chino hills??

Torey’s bs noseblunt beats Pott’s sloppy hardflip 50-50 any day. Pott and that other guy from 9star have such nasty styles.

i agree with krooked…not tryin to hate…what about muska eh?? front tail n back blunt..hes still gotit

I’m not trying to hate but Andrew Pott threw down so many more tricks than Torey. I was there and saw it live. Torey’s Nose Blunt was ill but come on man, Pott threw down hardflip nose grind, kick flip backside 50-50, heelflip front board, noseslide 270 out, kickflip 5-0 (torey did that too actually) perfect switch frontside and hardflips down on that set up. 9 Star shoulda got first if you ask me, but then again who’s asking me, I’m just saying…..