Wrench Pilot Lakai and Girl Special Editions

Wrench Pilot

Wrench Pilot and it’s hero, Lettus Bee, were the creation of skate zine maker Mel Bend in 1986. Mel Bend was, in turn, the creation of artist, writer and general tinkerer Andy Jenkins. The Wrench Pilot comic ran in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine as a two page spread for about 3 years (1989-1991). All 23 episodes printed in TWS were black and white with the exception of one panel in #12. WP was brought back years later with episode #24, a one-panel, full-color piece in the newly reincarnated Skateboarder Magazine. Lettus Bee was the skateboarder’s “everyman”, thus striking a choard with the disenfranchised skaters of the late ’80s and early ’90s. He lives on today, with appearances in The Skateboard Mag and various other undisclosed locations.

To see all the episodes of Wrench Pilot, as well as various other incarnations of the Lettus Bee, log on to wrenchpilot.com.

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