Who makes the best Denim??

“I don’t always wear pants… but when I do, I wear denim.” Ha!

There’s nothing like a good pair of jeans…(especially on the ladies!) But when I find a good pair of pants, I wear those things for weeks at a time. I’m stoked on Slash’s signature jean from Altamont right now…Those things have lasted a super long time…

But enough about me… what’s your favorite denim?

Who makes the best Denim?

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Keywords: Analog, Altamont, Ambiguous, RVCA, Comune, KR3W, Fourstar, Insight, Matix, Volcom, Obey

I haven’t owned any of these brands but active and I returned them cardboard pants
I’d have to go with volcom cuz it’s a trusted brand and they make grown up pants that give your crotch space and room to breath :)

I’ve got to say Ambiguous are by far some of the bet clothes to get. Graphics are ill and really comfortable.

Altamont makes decent jeans…the quality is ok imo…really stiff..nothing compares to 2006 and pre 2006 k slims..especially the reynolds. The altamont reynolds are a waste of money…go with the alameda non sig

Ambiguous committed to skateboarding clothing company. Dudes are just getting mad cause they know Ambiguous is on a come up

Quicksilver they are the only skate/surf co that make 34 inch inseam jeans. Theres a market for tall skateboarders out there embrace it. A lot of companies need to have jeans with a longer inseam.

Don’t hate u all exist because of each other, vote for no one support all, lost of talent within each companies..!!

Comune I like but I ain’t got a hair stylist or live in newport.., I like Krew T’s program, Volcom’s used to be good overall :(..Ambiguous got me a pair of Low card so far so good and the peak’s jacket a must…. never tried any of the rest..what’s up with Insight dig the brand and the adds but where the hell are they at?..


i have one pair of 4star’s and 2 of active and theyre fairly decent i like the active better cuz theyre sturdy and long lasting

lots of companies get inspiration up in japan not just Commune u tard! and still everyone goes to china to get it made…

Whoever made the Active denim years ago. They were nice and thick and sturdy. The Active denim now is thin and “fashion-y.” Also, Girl denim is cut well.