What’s your favorite deck brand?

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What's your favorite deck brand?

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Deffinately Zero, Real, and Mystery. uhmm, Girl decks snap quick don’t get them if you weigh a lot. I only weigh 145 when im 5’9

everyone on here that is on girl is stooooooppid
so fully flared came outt and they saw the riders ride for girl and choco their like” girls tthe best”
i thought that too when i got 3 girl boards and they all snapped in less then a month **** that..! ya dont even know
stereo lasted me for quite a while and i tried a element.. and it lasted me more and the board feel is hella better im thinking of getting another one..
the guy that sold me the last girl boards even warned me that therye made out of china wood -.-

Death wish is pretty good i have 2 of em and my little bro has 1 and they stand up to the beetings and are really hard to chip especially for a freestlyler like me and the boards are really wide so it is good for tricks and just for cruzing i dont really like plan b i got one and it chipped within 2 days of buying it and birdhouse just suck nowdays

Everyone is so obsessed with Girl
They effin suck, their wood goes bad within a week and is made with s.hitty china wood
The only reason everyone buys girl is because theyre on Miko Mo’s Sack
Mike Mo decided to stay on girl because he gets Girl decks every day which never go old

the fact that girl is so high on the list and skate mental is so low astonishes me, considering that the boards form the two companies are the same. just goes to show you how far a company’s “image” goes.

girl is the best brand by far ive had almost every deck on this list and none of them even match up to girl emement is by far the worst deck company as far as quality is concerned they ******* suck … rick and mike know what there doing GIRL is the ****

Girl is defnitley my favourite they have a lot of different sizes they don’t chip easily and they’re just awesome.