What Shoe Company Will Eric Koston Skate for Next?

By now you know that it’s official, our friend Eric Koston won’t be skating in Lakai’s anymore. But which shoes will he be skating next? That’s the question that the skate world has been buzzing about for the last couple weeks. Here’s is your chance to vote for which shoe company he’ll be on next..and then talk amongst yourselves below in the comments.


– Eric has been seen hanging out with Sole Technology executive, Don Brown….could it be Etnies or even his OG skater boots, ES?

– Eric is close friends with Tim Gavin (who is a partner in DVS). Could Koston go to DVS and help one of the best shoe brands get back to the top?

– Eric has been known for rocking both Nike and Vans in the past. Both Nike and Vans are printing cash and could afford to pay the best of the best. Will he follow his heart and step back into his personal favorites?

– Eric has a reputation for making good business decisions. Could it be the start of a new shoe brand and skateboard revolution?

What shoe company will Eric Koston skate for next?

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ITS NIKE BECAUSE THE $$$ AND ERIC LOVES B-BALL .. and its the wisest to make if u think about it.

yooo froston should go to nike they would have an elite team prod stefan janoski theotis i mean their team sick thats the team nike sb

**** nike i thought skaters hate jocks and nike is jock ****. there are no real skaters anymore its all sheckler poser ****.

I dont want to get all you little kids off your high horses, but he is not the fallen type. He’s the SB type!! fools