Welcome to the Team Erik Ellington

Erik Ellington

Recently we sat down with the newest addition to the Active Family, Erik Ellington. Here is what he had to say.

Where do you live?

Los Angeles, California

Who are your current sponsors?

Baker, Supra Footwear, KR3W, Active, Spitfire, Thunder, Brigada Eyewear.

How was growing up in Alaska?

It was cool except for the winters that last like 9 months. I learned a lot up there, but my mom and I moved to phoenix and that was where I met my skate family.
Do you have any brothers or sisters?


What's more important, style or tricks?

I think it's good to have an equal mix of both. Style isn't good without the tricks and tricks can't look good without style.

Any new projects?

Just designing stuff for Supra and working on Baker. Also, me, Jim, and Andrew are starting a sunglass company called BRIGADA eyewear that's going to be released spring 2007. It's going to be amazing, 100% ours.

You recently moved, what's up with the barbecues?

Well, we had a good couple of years bbq-ing and partying but I had to move on. We are in an apartment now right next to the farmers market, so I'm going to try and carry on the tradition over here if I can.

Do you have a favorite Active store, one you always go to?

The Burbank store. I used to live right next to it so I'm there quite a bit. A lot of the people moved to the Santa Monica store, so the new crew is going to have to get used to me and Jim torturing them on sunglass ideas.

How is the family life?

It's the most amazing thing I could have ever imagined. My wife is beautiful and my son Julius is about to have his first birthday.

You been working on any tricks lately?

Switch backflips and reverse tailpipe drags

Who do you skate with:

The Baker team and our crew, and whoever else is down to shred.

Favorite Skaters:

Tom Penny and Alex Gall. they're the two that always come to mind first, but there's been so many people that I've looked up to over the years that I'd need a memo pad to write them all down.

Favorite Video Part:

MC in Questionable, Penny in High 5, any Gino part, and Albert Madrid's sponsor me tape, the kid is bad.

Favorite Place Traveled:

Paris, Barcelona, Brazil, Japan. There's been a lot of places traveled and they've all been good to me.
Top 5 Favorite Bands:

G'n'R, Outkast, Rolling Stones, Beanie Siegal, AC/DC. It just depends what mood I'm in, this list could change drastically tomorrow.

Any last words?

Live like it's your last day alive.