Welcome Home: Erik Ellington

I actually shot Erik’s house before Andrews, but thought Erik’s needed more work. Erik and I spoke back and forth about ideas, it was his idea for the intro where I’m driving down to the house, we refilmed it in the rain, and he was hanging outside the window filming it as I was driving, I thought the first one was better so thats the one I used, you’ll notice its sunny down the driveway, and then its a rainy day. Most of the skating was filmed on a different sunny day. Kind of funny how it all came together into one video.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Erik, you have no idea how nice this guy is. He is one of the nicest pros, and most down to earth people I have met in skateboarding. I’ve always liked his style, and had met him about 8 years ago in Jamie Thomas’ garage when I lived by him. Its pretty rad watching Erik become a businessman, and be so involved with his sponsors and being very successful at it.

Watching Erik be a father and husband, is pretty inspiring, and makes me want to have a family to provide for one day. Erik let me into his house numerous times to film for this, we skated his quarter pipe, and now I’m filming him remodel his attic. Its pretty crazy to watch Erik Ellington do drywall. Anyway, hope everybody likes this. Sorry it took so long to come out.

Video by Daniel Haney

Welcome Home graphic: Vince Skelly

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Hey Diablo when your too old to rock things like that you just take them down. I don’t believe it’s too hard to take a picture off of a wall.

I have to be honest. he’s super sick and one of the best skaters out there. but his house is really tacky. a portrait of reynolds and tk on his wall? it might look cool now. but u gotta think about it when ur too old to rock things that young guys are into. Reynolds house is a lot better. no offense. but its a white trash home within a mansion.

this is the best skater ever…he has the best personality and best style…….EVERYONE GO CHECK HIM OUT ON JULY 21 IN HOLLYWOOD HIGH SCHOOL

this video is a really sick keep up the good work i would love to see some more clips like this

Awesome job! I hope the shows like this keep coming. Its a good way to keep the skaters in the spotlight in between videos.

Erik’s an amazing skater and father, and Daniel Haney captures it all for us with skill and humor!!!

yo daniel,

sick ****, enjoyed it. and erik is sick.
and at least now i know where the BP ramp went.
thanks again for comin, and for that beer.
see ya man.
oh yeah and holla to my man prince vince

sorry i just wanted to see what faces would pop up, thats a fun little feature..

hey everyone make smily faces!

pretty legit!!

that Filmer is a little too thirsty for footyage though… chasin after him like a scoundrel at the end.. :)


that was such a good nollie B/S flip. i played ellington skate once at the Krew signing at the temecula active. hes definitely one of the sickest pros ive met

What a nice boy, it makes me sooo happy to see young kids like that doing there teck decking and making money.

nicely done playboi. hope to see more of this magnificent work. keep it up sucka. see you at garvanza.

that **** is tight. ellingtons killin it at life and at skateboarding. his baby is cute as hell haha. good job d haney

Man, that is so dope. EE is the real deal. He is a not just a rad skater, but a really cool dude. The welcome home video proves it! EE and Active 4 Life!!!!!