Weekend with Blancos

 What does Korean/ Mexican fusion BBQ, skateboarding, marching bands, the scantily clad, DJ’s rocking Bdays and winners all have in common? Nothing! Just joking, the love of Frijoles Blancos ofcourse!

 Yeah, it was another action packed weekend for Blancos, stoking out the peoples of LA, OC and IE. Sorry San Diego, we’ll get you next time! I posted up with the ever faithful Rosemead crew headed up by Lucha Luke. We hit the LA Fair and rock games of skate contests at Active Brea and Rancho.

 Brea was the highlight since we had the Kogi truck roll thorugh and over 1,000 poeple in attendance to witness a gnarly game of skate while the y waited for tasty goodness. Kogi is a truck that brings gourmet Chef cuisine to the streets at a cheap price. Folks line up for days and for good reason, the food is KILLER BOOTS man!! Anyways, enjoy the pics and we’ll see you at the LBC Active for another Frijoles Blancos game of skate!

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