WeActivate! Jason Lee

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WeActive! event this Saturday May 17th 2-4pm. The rest of the WESC crew will be there signing autographs. Click more for all the details!! Jason Lee’s gonna be there representing for the WESC. Jason is the co-owner of Stereo/rider and in currently starring in the hit TV series “My name is Earl”. Yes, he still gets down on the stunt wood, while being crazy busy with his other ventures. Lee is someone I’ve always looked up to. He’s a skater that has been creatively successful, instead of just burning out on drugs like most. At 15 me and my skate posse attacked LA skate spots and tried to grow mutten chops after watching this part in Video Days. Check it out and do the same! Click below for more details about the WeActivate event! See you Sat!!


WeActivate8! @ Santa Monica May 17th 2-4pm



its still surprising that some people didnt know jason lee skated, i started skating a while ago, but i still saw his part in Video Days and stuff in A Visual Sound before i saw Mallrats or anything