We got mad pop.

Just got back from the 3rd annual Northstar Butterbox High Ollie competition. The past 2 years I’ve gotten the highest ollie at this event. I was skeptical to attend since this year I haven’t been riding much(about 4 days in the past 2 months), but I had to defend my title. Each year in the past, Nick Visconti and Jason Kell have been worthy competitors. They’ve battled me to the last rounds while all the others have come up short (literally).

Here’s a link to a short video from last year-


I’ve been riding the past couple days, which have been very fun in Tahoe’s spring like conditions. This morning I was feeling it, pretty tired but excited to get back on the slopes. I have to admit, I was nervous about the contest. I always get a little social anxiety being in front of a large crowd, but a couple minutes at the bar helped.

At the tallest height, all other 28 competitors failed to make it, except Nick Visconti and I. We went into a head to head battle. Exhaustion was setting in, and when Nick made it, I couldn’t match his ollie. He was is a brilliant olliest, great technique and form. I am happy to pass the title to such a worthy adversary. Congratulations to Nick, he’s got mad pop!

I didn’t go home empty handed, $150 and a next year’s Mid-Week season pass to Northstar aint bad for an ex pro!!

This is from a photoshoot we did this winter.

fun contest…felt perfect to have the duel come down to what seems to have shaped up as a classic battle… and imported talent with new faces in the mix this year!
nice shot robbie! frontboard UP the northwoods u/f/d huh?? …into wallride-out? ahhh, preview of thinkthank part…..
riding SB on monday…come out