Warehouse Blowout Sale 70% Off


The first ever Active Ride Shop Warehouse Blowout Sale. Take advantage of Active’s biggest sale ever. At the Active Ride Shop Headquarters. Saturday November 1st, 2008 Doors open at 9AM. T-Shirts starting at $9.99, Shoes Starting at $24.99, Snowboards starting at $169, Sweatshirts starting at $19.99, Boots and Bindings starting at $65, and save up to 70% Off Snowboard outerwear. Also  The Active Warehouse is located at 12087 Landon Drive, Mira Loma, CA 91752. Receive a free Mt. High lift ticket with your $10 admission fee while supplies last.


Snowboarding is definately not gay!!! Obviously you have never been, or you went and werent able to pick it up easily. Snowboarding is one of the most effortless yet instense workouts you can get. You simply stand on the board and your on your way down the hill! Once riding turning and stopping are mastered you will then realize you should have started snowboarding sooner in life!Skateboarding is one of the most dynamic sports arounds, but snowboarding is on a whole different level of fun. I love both of these activities and believe if you skateboard you should definately get on a snowboard a couple times a year. Your Steeze, flow, and balance will improve dramaticly! Peace out sk8 world shred on!!! ps. active i want to work at your warehouse! I have 3 years of experience picking and stocking airplane parts. I love my job, i just want to surround myself in the sk8life i say i live!! What better way to do so than to be around sk8 product all day!!! :)

I was looking up the address for the warehouse and no street with the name Landon Dr came up. Can anyone help with directions?

hey the shirts that start at 9.99…is it just Active T’s
or can i get obey shirts for cheaper than the usual 30.00

This isn’t a snowboard sale, it’s an everything sale. We just happen to be promoting some snow deals on the flyer along with shoes and clothing.

Cameron, every time there is a event that you don’t like, you hate… your a hater kid, and I’m sure you are a little kid.
Go throw yourself down a 12 stair geek!!!!