War of the Stores 2011 goes to COSTA MESA!!!

We held War of the Stores last week at The Etnies Skate Park of Lake Forest. We had Active Army riders come from all over Southern California. Many of the teams came correct with strategy and a proper team, including Temecula to defend their title.

It was a quick and dirty jam style format on three different obstacles. Big thanks to Devine Calloway, Nick Garcia and Tucker  from etnies for judging the contest.

At the end of it after all the points were calculated, it was a no brainer. With Gonzalo on the stair set and Chris Gregson tearing apart the bowl, Costa Mesa takes it this year. Walking away with $1000 in cash and prizes.

Temecula didn’t came to far behind with second place.

This is Active Army, This is Skateboarding.

active army

Special shout out and thanks to Team BK, Carter, Candice, Megan and everyone at Etnies, Altamont and Emerica for making War of the Stores 2011 possible.

For more photos click here.