Want To Be In Ellington’s Next Ad?

You can be in Erik Ellington’s next Active Ad if you show up to the location on the flyer mentioned below! It’s this Saturday so don’t miss out!

Click on the flyer for a bigger version

Ellington Ad Shoot


Yo, I was at the shoot, it was tight, but when and where are we gonna see the finished ad, I want to see it cause I know i’m in it, what’s up Active???

yo the shoot was cool ellington and braydon were really cool cats we got the boot from hollywood high so we went down the boulevard and came g’d out even tho the po-po was trippin keep an eye out for the kid with the green phillies hat shout outs to braydon ellington and a big shout out to the homies from DC

No spots are going to be ruined. There are permits. Cops already know it’s a popular spot for people to skate. This is also not the first time a photo has been shot there.

yeah man, a single ad photographed with a permit on state owned property is going to ruin a spot forever.

that makes no sense. you are just an idiot whining for attention. go skate or something, quit being a *****.

Isn’t skating illegal at that spot? Why bring out a bumch of people there illegally and get the spot blown for good. Great thinking Active!!