Mark this date on your calendar:  11/22/2008 8:00PM (sat.)
And Mapquest™ this address:  541 E. 4th st Reno, NV  -which is the new location of the Reno Bike Project.

Now, on that date, go to that location to see the new film from Leeward Cinema called “MY OWN TWO FEET”.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve seen some photos from their film trips and also have heard some crazy stories, which all are leading me to believe that this movie is amazing!   The whole idea of the film is great.  They went to a bunch of areas that you can’t access with a snowmobile, so that means you’re going to see all new spots that haven’t been played out by all the other films.  I bet they’ll even have a little documentary feel to show the fun and camping, I hope.

I try to be more environmentally friendly.  When ever I can, I ride my bike around town. Even though gas is a little cheaper, I still like to save some cash for my bar tabs.

Man, I can’t wait to see this film. I think the Reno Bike Project is a small place, so get there early.