Hot Dogs & Hessians in Glendale

Glendale Skatepark kicked off the 2007 Hot Dogs and Hessians. Many came out to enjoy the festivities and Erik Ellington was there filming for his Epicly Later’d episode on

Here’s a clip from our recent trip to Glendale. For more Hot Dogs & Hessians tour dates across the US click here.

Video by Daniel Haney

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All Photos: Erica Yary


OMG I live like two minutes from that skatepark im sooooo pissed I wasnt there.
That was Verdugo park rite aross the street from the fire station and the baseball field and McDonalds

hahahahhh fuuuuck i back 180 over the trash can and **** up!! haha ****!!

and the kid who does bonk to 5 0
is GAY!!!!


fun day!