Video: Active Employees at Black Box

Video by Daniel Haney?

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Our good friends at Black Box Distribution opened up their amazing park for all of the Active employees and riders. This park is a huge dreamscape filled with all the right components to make any skateboard happy and make some skateboarders poopie their pants! Yeah, I said skateboard. They have feeling too you know! Anywho… Black Box’s own Kevin Kosha fit the bill for the most amazing pizza and Haney put together this hear video of all the action! Black Box also threw down a ton of gear for those in attendance and decks for the boys ripping hard throughout the night! Shouts go to Daniel Rodriguez, Saul, Arturo, Dakota, Anthony, and all the rest!! Keep ripping boys and we’ll keep providing the action!!

P.S. The Black Box dudes are the most goodest dudes around!! Thanks again Black Box for sharing what is your daily amazingness!