Vegas- Ohio or Bust Grand Finale!

Johnny Layton and I landed at Las Vegas Airport and it was 108° and we were ready to hang with all of the rad kids of Vegas and we knew that this would be one of the best turn outs of Hot Dogs & Hessians Ohio or Bust Tour. The desert heat does not affect the skateboarders of this region, they skate as if it’s a cool spring day and they are just going with the flow of nature. I respect and admire it. There were tons of kids who showed up and hug out all day long and had numerous hot dogs & drinks and we happily hooked them up. Besides the blazing heat there were a ton of people who showed up to Anthem Skatepark to catch an autograph from some of their favorite Vegas Native Professionals. Ragdoll, Kenny Anderson, Braydon Szafranski, Matt Ball, Chad Muska, Sean Eaton, Erik Hamamoto, Antwuan Dixon, Johnny Layton, among others were there to celebrate the Grand Finale of Hot Dogs and Hessians and they, along with the help of our friends at Ambiguous and Vans, showed Vegas how much we love them and love skateboarding.

If you were there I’m almost positive you walked away with at least a little bit of product, if you’re saying to yourself “I didn’t get anything,” either you’re lying to yourself or forgetting about all the stuff you left in the pockets of the pants you were wearing that day.

Thanks to everyone who came to this event, Vans, Ambiguous, and the Active Hessians who worked hard to make this thing work out, you’re all awesome!

Check out Ambiguous’ photos from the event! CLICK HERE!