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THESE DAYS: 10 Years of Vans Syndicate

Vans Syndicate Commemorates 10 Years with “THESE DAYS” Footwear Exhibit at Known Gallery.

Vans’ limited-edition footwear collective, Vans Syndicate, celebrated a momentous occasion last weekend in honor of a decade of design and innovation inspired by skateboarding culture. Loyal members and cult fans of the Vans Pro Skate label gathered at Known Gallery in Los Angeles to be surrounded by years of archived footwear, artwork and ephemera birthed from the Vans Syndicate cohort.

In the early evening, special guests were invited to an intimate panel welcoming Syndicate collaborators to the stage for a discussion on the brand’s history, featuring words from influential names including Jason Dill, Shawn Stussy, Tet Nishiyama of WTAPS, Eric Dressen, and original Syndicate founders Berto Liechty, Tom Cooke and Rian Pozzebon.
(via Vans Syndicate)