Vans Half Cab Drop Sneakers Not Bombs Shoe Image Released

Drop Sneakers Not Bombs Vans Half Cab

Check out the latest image released for the upcoming Drop Sneakers Not Bombs Campaign. It's a dope Vans Half Cab in green. Visit frequently, we will be releasing new images as the drop date gets closer.

hey one guy the reason your vans wear so fast is because you spend your spare time sitting on the couch rubbing your shoes against the grip

the name “drop sneakers not bombs” makes no sense cuz these shoes are the bomb!haha

These are bomb skate shoes. Longest running pro-skateboarder shoe. Made for Skateboarding not soccer. If you want to wear a jock strap and pat dudes on the ass then buy nike’s.
You guys are retarded.

That one guy …ur an idiot .get your own damn life and stop hating ….nike sb is ******* sick ….until you start your own shoe company and do as well as nike sb ..then Stfu ..those vans are siiick so you dont know what your taling about

Dude Vans are amazing and so are Nike SB. A few of my friends wear Vans and SB and they could school you anytime i bet. Hows that for posers. AND STOP USING THAT WORD MAN! THE LITTLE KIDS AT MY SCHOOL CALL EACHOTHER THAT WHAT KIND OF GOOD SKATER USES THAT WORD!?

no vans suck balls so do nike SB I bought a pair of nike sb and wore em out in 3 frikin days they suck and vans are for stupid posers on the street almost every body has em they suck my balls

Word has it that the Half Cab logo on the side is velcro so you can take the logo off… then put it back on… then off…. then back on upsidedown… then off… then on… camera 1… camera 2…

Oh crap, those things are sick!!! I can’t wait for 7/7/07, I’m getting a pair fo sho!