Vans Downtown Showdown Wrap!

Once again, the Vans Downtown Showdown has taken place and this years’ teams brought their A Games. REAL, Girl, Foundation, Creature, Toy Machine, Black Label, and Zero all participated in the 5 hours worth of skating all different obstacles presented by Girl, Foundation, REAL, and Creature.

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Video: Daniel Haney


All photos: Erica Yary

Omar Hassan got his head sliced open on the Creature obstacle which was the first obstacle of the day. Billy Marks, Sean Malto, and Johnny Layton killed the “Girl Gonz Wild” gap. The REAL obstacle definitely had the most momentum and energy out of all of the obstacles with dudes going big in hopes to score some points for their team. The contest ended with the huge Foundation obstacle which featured their giant skateboard.

After all was said and done, it was the Zero Team that came out victorious for the day!
Final Results:
Overall Team: Zero
Top Pro: Rick McCrank
Top Am: Alex Olson

Check out the entire webcast online!

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Good Times
Thanks to all that made it possible for :) FL!M :)
Great phots Erica!!

…You should check out David Munoz’s phots there good too!

That set up was crazy. And I love the re-creation of the classic Gonz Gap in San Fran. Billy Marks switch big heel was buttery as always, and that frontside 270 was rediculus.