Twenty Years of Jamie Thomas

Thrasher Magazine has a rad informative interview article on Active Pro team rider, Jamie Thomas. It’s a must read for any fan!

He ollied the Gonz gap at Embarcadero every day for weeks. And when the Thrasher photographer showed up, he did it without shoes: Kanights

Jamie Thomas has defined himself by struggle.

When everyone was fresh, he was hesh… and dirty… and lived in his car. Be it the cool clique at Embarcadero, the fickle skateboard industry, the tenets of acceptable maneuvers or three King of the Road trips, Jamie has put a shoulder into it, charged forth teeth gnashed and ultimately conquered. Even when he was at the top of the mountain, lording over a building longer than a city block, when asked how he was doing he’d always say, “Oh, man. It’s tough. It’s really tough.” Which is just how Jamie Thomas likes it. In fact, let him get one more try at that gigantic 5-0. It’s easy to forget that skulls, acid drops and balls-to-the-wall shredditude were on the wane before Jamie’s Zero army. It’s hard to imagine that Chris Cole was stuck with the goof troop before the Chief gave him a shot. There’s so much of modern skateboarding that we take for granted that is either wholly or partially thanks to Jamie Thomas’s struggle; his vision of what makes skateboarding awesome. So when we hear rumors that Zero is downsizing or that Jamie is having knee problems we aren’t one bit concerned. In fact, we know that it’s probably just how he’d prefer things. The struggle is real, and Jamie Thomas fucking lives for it.
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