The STITCH: Turquoise Treasures

the collection

My jewelry has become a part of my life, and a way I express myself everyday. My accessories have become collectables, and I now have a bundle of turquoise treasures. It is a hobby of mine to look for these jems, and find these diamonds in the rough. Everywhere I travel to I am on the hunt for everything from turquoise, to coral, to onyx, and above all antique silver. Flea markets, local antique shops, Morro Bay, and San Francisco are some of my favorite places to look. The thing I love about my jewelry is that it not only expresses my style, but is great to pair with my everyday clothing. Putting together tops and bottoms that I find in Active Ride Shop, from my favorite brands like: Insight, Matix Women, RVCA, and Obey add that extra flare that makes any girl feel unique and fun!! Hope this inspires you to create your own collection of keepsake pieces that will be with you for years to come.

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