Trends this spring: Almost anything goes!

Have you noticed how many different styles are making their way back into fashion? For a while it seemed like when a new trend began, the others made their way out. Not true anymore my friends!

The Bohemian look, inspired by the likes of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, is still going strong with Native American style prints, beaded belts and handbags, tie-dye and bold colors. The classics reminiscent from the 50’s like delicate floral pieces and wedge sandals are showing up everywhere. While the 80’s have continued to make a statement with bright colors, geometric prints, and rock inspired fashion. Not to mention, the early 90’s have made it back onto the radar with cut-off denim and Dr. Martens!

Ladies we have entered a time where almost anything goes! It’s refreshing, and exciting! I browsed some of our favorite brands like Billabong, Ezekiel, Insight, and RVCA, to see what looks they’re coming up with. These are some of my favorites; I hope they inspire you as well!

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