TRASHIN’ LA @ Midnight

 I present to you, one of the most loved/hated skate movies of all time. We’re dusting off a the skate/punk classic Thrashin’ and bringing you the big screen experience June 6th midnight at the Downtown Independent Theater in Los Angeles. Cruise down with the homies and skate LA before the viewing!

 This is a cult classic depicting the daily battle between good and evil while riding your skateboard. The Daggers (bad guys) are the sickest. You may just recongnize some of the cats like Rettigue, Dave Duncan and the Hosoi getting down with sick stunts. Get there early for some free stuff in front!

 Big thanks to Jeremy King for putting this together and to all the Daggers for keeping the dream alive for all these years and represnting skateboarding on the  real!

Check this clip of the Daggers punking a little kid and terrorizing the neighborhood of Venice!

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