Transworld “THESE DAYS” photoshoot

 Transworld Snowboard Magazine just reposted a photo gallery on their website that I shot while with their film crew last spring in Keystone, CO.  I was there to shoot photos of the crew; Robbie Walker, Tim Eddy, Nick Dirks, Chad Otterstrom, and Jonas Carlson.  “These Days” filmers Joe Carlino and Corey Koniniec were there also to get footage for the movie.    

It was right after the resort had closed, so we had the place all to ourselves… so we thought. There was actually a ski film crew there also to film on the same set up. We had to get it all scheduled out and we got the shit time right in the morning, the riders barely got to even warm up. It was a dicey kicker too. Even though it was spring and after the resort closed, it had just snowed and the slope was super slow to get speed for the gap. They had to straight line from the very top of the hill just to get enough speed to be safe. The park crew even salted the snow to make it faster. So to say the least, it was sketchy looking. It also had a hip on the side of it, crazy looking thing. The jump was pretty big too, maybe 100′ with a 50′ gap in the middle. But sketchier than that was the angle I was about to shoot photos from… leaning out of a helicopter being held in by just a harness, and a loose one at that. It was pretty windy and the chopper was bouncing around all wildly. I have ridden in a heli a couple times prior, but never with the door off and me literally standing on the skid leaning out. I was pretty white knuckled most of the time. Anyways, the riders got some great shots for the mag and the movie.

Check this link to see some of the shots from the trip: