Toy Machine Signing & Video Premiere

Lurk Fest

Toy Machine Signing and Lurk Fest Video Premiere!

Signing featuring: Ed Templeton, Billy Marks, Josh Harmony, Austin Stephens, Nick Trapasso and Matt Bennett

Friday April 4th 2008 @ 7pm

Active Rancho
10399 Foothill Blvd
Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

April 4th at Active Rancho Cucamonga all Toy Machine Decks $35.99!

today is the day! I’m so excited :DDDDDDDD if you guys see a guy selling photos then that’s me! I got Ed Templeton, Josh Harmony, Billy Marks and Austin Stephens.I cut them out of my magazine.I’m selling them for 5 bucks :)

Cody, it’s just gonna be Nick and Matt only? what happen to Ed, Billy, Josh, and Austin? are they still gonna be there?

sdng knows nothing… take a skate history class buddy!

Ed paved the way for handrail skating and brought up way too many household names to even begin listing…

Get a f-in clue!

ed templeton is the worst skater ever he skates like a f ucken r etard with his legs bent the whole time ,, i rather see nijah huston skate he can do better!!!

OMFG! YES! FINALLY! ED TEMPLETON IS GONNA BE HERE IN RANCHO! >:D I’M GONNA BUY 2 BOARDS since it’s my birthday on April 4th 😀 lol.