Toy Machine Signing Photos

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The Toy Machine Team came out to the Rancho Cucamonga store and the Toy Machine fans came from far and wide to meet Ed Templeton and the crew. Everyone who attended got their stuff signed and got to check out the new tour video ‘Lurk Fest’ with the Toy Team. Ed Templeton, Josh Harmony, Billy Marks, Austin Stephens, Nick Trapasso, Johnny Layton, Matt Bennett, Rob and Grant all signed for hours and every last person in the long line got an autograph from every last one of the guys.

Ed also did some artwork on our launch ramp inspired by Raging Waters (local water park). Check out the Toy Machine Website for a bunch of photos from the event!

Thanks to Kevin Barnett and the Toy Machine Team for coming out and doing the signing for us!

Photos: Erica Yary

I was there I met everyone Toy Machine rider except for Diego cause he didn’t show up and the Lurk Fest video was sick!!!!!