Top to bottom at Boreal Mountain.

   Tahoe is still off to a mellow start in it’s winter, but Boreal wants you to feel otherwise.  They opened their main chairlift to the top of the mountain, so my homey’s and I went up to escape the Reno heat… which must have followed us because the falling snow was warmed into a cloudy mist.

Our goggles were beaded up with water, but not bad enough to get our clothes really wet.   It actually was really fun.  It’s those kind of conditions that remind you that you’re snowboarding, and not skating on the snow; even though the features where video game perfect.

The park was packed; people were already imitating their favorite pros video parts.  Even a few local pros were reenacting their own video segments.  Stephen Duke, Andrew Brewer, Nick Visconti, Danny Davis, Jason Kell, John Foy and others were putting on a show.  I put my compact camera in my pocket, hit the slopes, and got some photos for you.

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