Top 5 Reasons To Buy Snow Gear TODAY!

These are just a few of the reasons why I believe you should purchase some new snow stuff today, instead of just waiting later on in the season.  Trust me I know, especially when I have my eye set out on a particular style of boots or jacket and I come back later when we’ve had a few storms roll through and some good snow up on the mountain, then it so happens my size or that particular style is sold out.  Always a huge bummer so then you either have to settle on finding another item or try and track down that specific item, which is half the time is tough to do.  Prepare today for tomorrow is always the best thing you could do!

1.     Buy now while the product is available and you have a variety of options to go with.


2.     Special offers and promotions are usually included with a purchase of some new gear.  Free Mt High Lift ticket with any snow purchase over $150, that’s a steal!


3.     New and improved it’s 3 Times better than last year’s gear, if you even have last year’s gear. We’ve received new Burton, Analog, Union, Flux, Sabre, Thirty Two and L1!


4.   With new gear in hand, take earlier snowboarding trips to avoid the high crowds & peak prices. It’s already begun, Mammoth is ready are you…?


5.     Finally,  you’ll be the only one (hopefully)  with all the new high tech gear! Check out the new APX Goggle from Dragon!



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