Tony Trujillo Drops Into Active

The Sweet and Sour of Tony Trujillo

Tony Trujillo came by last week to chat for a while about what he has been up to and what is going down in the life of TNT in 2007.

The first thing you'll notice is that Tony has cut his hair. This is no normal haircut, it's a road kill inspired, Skunk quaft, which is bright blue. What happened? Apparently Super Bowl Sunday he saw a skunk smashed on the road and asked a friend to give him a trim as a sort of tribute to the road kill. It works for Tony, but please don't try this at home.

Tony told me all about his band, Bad Shit, who have been together since Sept of '05. Tony sings and plays bass, Jake Phelps plays guitar and Tony's girlfriend, Trixie, completes the power trio as their drummer. When asked what they sound like and who they are inspired by, Tony told me they are “Narcosarcasmo,” a genre they are unique to, and the band is inspired by “people who hate what we do.” The band has already gotten the chance to play in front of tons of skate fans across the world, literally. They have already performed in China, Prague, New York, down to Tampa and back around to Portland among other spots. They've toured the world and elsewhere.

If you're in Japan, Tony Trujillo and Bad Shit will be on a Vans trip in your neck of the world and performing in May. Bad Shit will also be in OZ on March 1st-3rd, for a Thrasher/Globe contest held in Brisbane. They will be performing on the 1st at the Pizzy Bowl Bash which is one of the three contests in the three day span. The other two are a Mini Ramp contest and the Varsity Double Set contest which is a HUGE double set in Brisbane that Mickey Reyes refers to as the “Chima (Ferguson) Double Set.”

If you want to check out Tony's new passion and some videos and music go to their Myspace at

Keep an eye out for all new Anti Hero board series featuring Tony's boards and keep your eyes peeled for the Redesigned Vans TNT 3's coming out in Spring. The TNT 3's are going to have one of the shoes in the line be a slip on that is more padded and made more skateable.

Thanks to Tony Trujillo and Mickey Reyes for coming down and chatting with us and giving us some 411 of what's new in the world of TNT.


if you can film yourself doing a rock and roll slide down a titty knockin hand rail. then email that **** to me and ill watch it.

Thanks for the input “Poop” we’ll try and be more of a real skate shop and stop expanding into new locations. You wouldn’t want skateboarding to keep expanding either right?

wow this bums me out for tnt y would u do an interview with the gayest shop ever wactive sucks support real skate shops not a chain store

TNT Rocks! He is always willing to work with the younger skaters, and he hais will grow out! Thats what makes him such a fun skater..always changing!

TNT is probably the best all around skater today.
and even if theres kids with better tricks, no one looks like theyre as natural or having as much fun on or off the board.

Sick music man!

TNT is one of my favourite skaters and bassplayers…

BTW…the flip video is going to be called ‘extremely sorry’ as far as I heard…