TOMS Shoes ‘Give’ Event

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Toms shoes, probably the best business concept of the double O! You buy a pair of these super chill ninja sneakers and some child in a third world country gets a pair too. Everybody wins! That being said it was only logical for Active to team up with the crew to host a killer fundraiser event for all to enjoy the Toms love. With Red Bull jumping on board in a big way, the date was set for February 24th, the location Active Westwood, and the event was dubbed ?Give?.

?Give? was a two part event. Both open to the public! The day time portion had folks purchasing a ton of the white canvas Toms. After making a purchase they had the option of decorating their new kicks themselves or having one of the many artists Toms brought out to decorate them for a small fee $10. We had Erik Benjamins, Gabriel Lacktmen, Justin Bauer, Chris Stampz, Sean Woolsey, Geoff Shively, and Matt Demartino getting down with their signature styles. Their original artwork goes for hundreds, often thousands of dollars! For those creative heads that rolled out with their own vision in mind, Toms provided paint, paint pens, fabric markers, fabric swatches, glue, etc.

While busy decorating, everyone enjoyed live music from the band Goodbye Elliot and solo performances from Tavis and Wes Rogers. Food was provided by Whole Foods and plenty of Red Bull was on hand to help fuel the art session!The night time fundraiser brought out graffiti heavyweights and RVCA artists Ewok, Retna, Revok, and Demote. The boys worked together to create a ?Give? mural and decorated shoes in an effort to raise funds for those children in need! A lot of graff heads were in the house and they really got down w/ decorating their own Toms as well.

Visuals and Beats were slammin? courtesy of DJ Maller and VJ Phi Phenomenon. The VIP area was pimped out in true Red Bull fashion, pumping out Red Bull Vodka?s. The mural came out amazing and will be making a tour of select Active locations. It is currently on display at Westwood for a short time.In summary, this event ?Gave?back hundreds of shoes to needy children and was a great time for all who attended. Big thanks to the artists, Toms Shoes (Garret, small lead to big victories!!), Red Bull (Josh Greenberg, Holla!!), RVCA, and Crewest. A very large shout to the Westwood staff who worked their buns off! Keep an eye out for the next one!

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I’m sorry that I missed out on this event.

But, what a great event for Tom Shoes and Active! I appreciate how Active’s charitable work by helping others in the community.