TOMS shoes – Be a part of the movement

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The new TOMS shoes/AT&T commercial has been getting the word out about TOMS and their incredible one for one movement.  For every pair sold, they will donate a pair to a child in need.  If you haven’t yet added TOMS to your shoe collection, look no further than Active to help you find the perfect pair.  New styles just arrived in our stores and online, and even more are on their way.  Read more about TOMS and their incredible story here.  
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Toms rule! I’ve skated my Toms, slapped hands in them, kissed babies, gotten through airport security quicker, kicked them off on Disney rides to air out the stinky’s, I fell in love in Toms, pumped iron w/ Arnold, watched Woody Allen movies, created artwork comfortably, and celebrated life on the daily knowing that I’ve contributed to a company that destroys all business models that exsist in today’s business world! Go Toms!