To Die For Rocks Active

Error loading Flickr galleryTo Die For Clothing did back to back in store happenings at the Irvine and Riverside locations. To Die For family members/bands Never Enough and Mikoto entertained and graffiti artist Deph did a live art show at each and raffled them off to lucky To Die For fans! I can’t say enough good things about the To Die For crew and both groups who performed! Big thanks to all the awesome fans and TDF crew for loving life! If you missed out on the free tattoos, prizes, music, and art show. Redeem yourself by checking out the “Sea No Evil” art show on July 12th. check below for more details or go to http://www.todieforclothing.com Some of Active’s good friends like Deph, Ed Templeton, Deanna Templeton, Shepard Fairy, and Matt Costa will be their to knock your socks off with fearless creativity!! Starts @ 6pm! See you there. The Greatful Tiger loves you!!Art show featuring To Die For clothing, graffiti artist deph