TK and Fly Society’s new video “Fresh”

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Terry Kennedy apparently made a music video. If you look carefully you can see P-Rod.

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hmmmm your stupid, you said “this has nothing to do with his talent”. well duh, does weed have to do with your talent. just because someone wants to do something different all the haters that hate on all the “core” skaters get jealous because they cant live like that or they just think that skateboarders just skate make videos and do demos. get a life tk has one. he doesnt care what you or i say so whats the point.


this has nothing to do with his talent
he is good but come on dude this has nothing to do with his talents
his fame and stuff needs to tone down a little bit
but then again he is from “the streets”
so if i was him and made it big like that i would probably be the same
just without all dat bling ya digg!?

if you think tk isn’t good…so why is he still in baker?maybe he should go to gay plan b or stupid dgk?nope, he is smarter than that!!!he is good and deserves to be on baker