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Erik Ellingtons Night Vision Trucks

Special Edition Erik Ellington “NIGHTVISION” truck available October 25. Metallic black hanger with metallic black baseflate and featuring metallic black hardware with new fog-gray bushings.

Thunder. The new leader in control. The streets have spoken. Thunder in quicker, lighter and more responsive. 100% guaranteed and USA made. The team keeps growing and the grinding never stops.

The Team: Mark Appleyard, Jamie Thomas, Rick McCrank, Marc Johnson, Erik Ellington, Eric Fletcher, Chima, Bryan Herman, Antwuan Dixon, James Brockman, Peter Ramondetta, Garrett Hill, Sean Eatson, John Rattray, Chris Cole, Matt Bennett, Nick Jensen, Billy Marks, Bobby Worrest, Nick Dompierre, Pere Eldridge, Damian Bravo, Mark Gutterman, Josh Harmony, Shane Cross, Dylan Rieder, Juston Brock, Ed Templeton, Frank Gerwer, Colin Kennedy, Elissa Steamer, JT Aultz, Anthony Shetlet, Johnny Layton, Dannis Busentiz, Ernie Torres, Leo Romero, Matt Allen, Sean Malto, Keith Hunfnagel, James Hardy… and growing.

does anyone know were i can get the NICK JENSEN pro models online in a u.s store cuz i can only find em in the uk online stores
(old or new model)

does any one know if the nick jensen blue green low thunder trucks are rare because i got them but iv never seen them for sale eany were on the enternet befor or stores. just want to now. just email me at [email protected]