Thomas Turner Interview

Thomas Turner is a local shredder out in Tempe, AZ. We first saw him ripping at the Element Skate Camp when we were up there for our Fresgnar trip and kept in touch ever since.
Our dude Eric Ylikangas sat down and talked with him for bit. Get to know Thomas! Make sure to watch the clips he sent over after below.

Eric Ylikangas: We’ll start it off with the basics… Name, Age and where do you stay?
Thomas Turner: My name is Thomas Jack Turner, I am 18 years old, and I live with my brother in Mesa, AZ. My dad used to stay with us too but he recently moved out and left me and my brother with the house!

Backside 50-50 – photo: Michael Tyler

EY: Yeah Thomas that’s sick! A house at 18 is insane! You and your brother partying hard out in Mesa now or what?!
TT: It’s pretty good besides the bills part haha! Partying here and there but actually not as much as you’d think. I would rather go skate or something, I will turn up after I drop a video part!

Bluntslide – photo: Michael Tyler

EY: Bills suck for sure ha! That’s rad tho man! Skate first, party second. I like your style. How long you been skating for?
TT: On my birthday next month it will be ten years.

front blunt – photo: Michael Tyler

EY: hell yeah, double digits!! What are your favorite skate spots in AZ?
TT: I’d have to say one of the best spots I always enjoy going to is the wedge! It used to have a tall rail that I would pretty much skate every weekend but that rail is gone now. There is still the kink hubba and some gaps but that for sure has to be one of my favorites.

EY: Nice! You’ve put a hurting on that hubba from what I’ve seen! For me, any spot in AZ with shade is a good one ha! How the hell do you deal with that harsh AZ Sun?!
TT: Forreal! A shady spot is for sure gonna be the best! I guess all the skateboarders here in AZ get used to the climate. Growing up I went to the skate park from Noon to 9pm everyday in the summer! Now, going out filming in the summer is kind of a struggle. No ledges grind and if you wax it it just melts off so we try to either light up spots or beat the heat and get out early. Usually get out around 6am and skate until maybe noon?  After that it’s too hot the rest of the day! Early morning or late night is the best time to skate AZ during the summer

Front Crook – photo: Michael Tyler

EY: Thanks for the insight man!! You got any last words, thank you’s or shout-outs before we wrap this up?
TT: No problem! Yessir! I would like to give you a huge shout out and thank you to you (Eric) for being such a good dude and such a good influence on me! Without you and the active army, I don’t think I would have the sponsors I have or the direction I’m taking my skateboarding. It is just a blessing and I couldn’t be happier at this point in my life! I would also like to say THANK YOU to Brad (Rosado) from DGK and Gold Wheels for being an awesome guy and keeping me always wearing and riding freshest gear! Also, big  thanks to the whole Active Ride Shop crew for opening up an awesome shop here in Tempe and blessing Arizona with one of the best shops out there! I think that pretty much sums it up. Thanks man!

EY: Well said my friend! Thanks again for taking the time and i hope to see you soon!

Watch this edit of Thomas filmed by Michael Tyler

Follow Thomas & his homie who shot the photos for more on Instagram!: @thomas__turner  @sweetpicklesb