The World’s Smallest iPod!


Ladies it is time for a music device that allows us girls to wear it however we want it! I am so excited that Apple has come out with the world’s smallest music player. No longer will I have to have a bulky bulge in my back pocket. Apple has stepped up their game and made the new iPod shuffle that can clip onto almost everything. The reason why I like this brilliant device is because of its new VoiceOver feature allows you to find music that you’re listening to on the radio, tells you what songs you’re listening to, and announces the names of your playlist to make it more easier to drive, easier to work on your fitness, and even easier to shop those spring trends! Apple has added the feature to allow 4GB of music, which is almost 1000 songs! I must say Apple always has new ideas to make their products better then the last. I suggest checking out the new iPod on Apples website. Now we can all rock out on the street with confidence in our new spring fashion and iPod shuffle accessory!