The Workshop Launch Party @ Active Costa Mesa!

For those that ignore the status-quo, who see the world differently, who believe the potential to build the future they want is in the palm of their hands, this event is for you.

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Workshop on December 1st at Active Costa Mesa.
The Workshop is an ever-developping mobile art exhibit where your hands, your voice, and our actions come together to build the future we want.

We created the WORKSHOP to be a mouth piece for Active‘s brands that give back to our world, brands like OBEY, Element, Girl Skateboards and more. Our hope is that through the Workshop, we would encourage more people to buy products that serve a purpose… to broadcast tangible change with their voice and more importantly their actions.


Join us. Go to to RSVP for our launch party on Dec 1 and stay informed on upcoming Workshop events.

Where?: Active Ride Shop | The Camp in Costa Mesa
When?: Saturday, Dec. 1. 8pm.
Why come?: Free Drinks & Snacks | LIVE ART by Mike Kershnar, Co-Founder of Elemental Awareness | LIVE MUSIC by Moonsville Collective // DJ Frankie Alvero & Geaux Geaux