The Skate Diet

Skate Diet Burrito

2 Double cheeseburgers and a large fry! That's my skate diet, and what I had for dinner last night! It was pretty good until I felt the grease curdling the insides of my stomach. Then I came to this sad realization. I don't eat well by any means, and it is directly impacting my skateboarding.

This is a severe condition called “The Itis”. Not being able to move for hours until your food is fully digested. The problem is finding a happy balance between stuffing yourself and being completely starved. If you don't eat at all, you might pass out before you even step foot on a skateboard. Eat too much and step foot on your skateboard, you might be pedaling to the nearest restroom facility.

As I realized that I needed to eat better, I was reminded of a session from a year ago. Right after eating Pepe's in Fullerton we headed out to a spot that Daewon Song had some footage at a long time ago. There are ledges and a couple of good planter gaps that run out to the parking lot. Anyway, previous to our arrival I had a Carne Asada burrito at Pepe's that was smothered in red sauce, I ate the whole damn thing. We got to the spot and started messing around. What happened next changed my life (and my underpants).

I grinded a ledge a few times, and then Tre-Bombed in my pants. Needless to say, I was unable to skate with the homies for the rest of the day. I'd love to get into more details but it's a bit embarrassing. Moral of the story here is get something balanced in your belly. It will not only allow you to skate, but to skate well and be fully energized. A salad and some grilled chicken might sound kind of odd to us skateboarders, but it's a lot better than craping your pants.

my names cameron and im 13 ive been skateing for 2 and a half years and im ohk with my tricks, im pretty basic but sometimes i mess up, the point is, is that i wanna go pro but see i live in deleware and theres absouloutly NO indoor skate parks in the winter, skate camps, or begginer comps at all. this doesnt help me because i wont have as good expierince, and then theres no way ill go pro. not only that though but the weather here is HORRIBLE!. my parents arent that supportive of my dream so theres no way that well move to a different state or go to any camps in a differnt state, theyre all about school and stuff. but i know that this sounds like an impossible problem to solve but ill do anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANYYYTHINNNNG pllzzz help me imrove on this. so far ive learned a varial kickflip is that good for a 2 year and a half skater? weve got a few sets of stairs to skate on but the highest is a 5 step 😛 plllzzzz help me im desperate
you can email me at [email protected]
also im not in it for the money im in it for the passion…. thought that would help

I pood my pants once while driving. What a mess. I flipped my floormat over and sat on the rubber side to protect my car seat. Top that you mofo’s.

it takes courage to admit you **** your pants ….. sad to say GREGS the only one balls, BIG ONES too! AMEN to big balls ….

dont be ashamed dude ….. i do that every day before i come to work.. thats why i smell the way i do hence the nickname stinky…. poopin in you pants is cooool

Skate diet=Vegan Diet

Rowley,LabanPheidas,Templeton,Nyjah,Nate Sherwood,Jamie Thomas,anyone seeing a trend?

mmm…carne asada burrito….carne asada fries are just as good, if not better than the burrito!…forget tre-bombing in the pants…carne asada fries = hardflip noseblunt in the pants..

HA HA HA!!!!! Greg crapped his pants!!!
Greg crapped his pants!!! Greg crapped his pants!!!