The Roark Revival Volume 10: “Strange Daze In A Hanoi Haze”

New product from Roark Revival walked right in along with a video from their recent trip to Vietnam. Check it out!

In Volume 10: “Strange Daze In A Hanoi Haze” we catch up with Roark in the steamy waterways and country roads of Vietnam. Fresh off a stint in Nepal, he seeks R&R in a land filled with evolving promise and the ever-present stains of war. Once again conflict rises within his minds eye as he seeks out freedom and the reconciliation of the pictures created by politicians, war films and the 1960’s anti-war movement. The collection spans four phases of Roark’s voyage: The chaos of Hanoi, the North Vietnamese countryside by motorcycle convoy, Ha Long Bay by Junque Boat, and the long trek to Da Nang. It’s inspired by cash crops, the psychedelics of war and peace, traditional Vietnamese textiles and the beauty of the lands waterways. The garments are sweat-stained, dirty and well worn. Join Roark and crew as they explore new dimensions and find peace amongst chaos and freedom.

Also featuring Jamie Thomas‘ collection for Roark also with the Spring/Summer ’16 drop. Shop HERE!

While you’re at it, read on for an interview with Jamie about that trip on Monster Children.
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