The Power of the Blanket

 Once again the Magical Mexican Blanket led us to the local rippers. It has a mind of it’s own and loves to hook up the underdogs. Together, we dug up some  fine rippers at the Laguna Pinky park and Rancho’s wacky, but fun, Spruce park.

At the Pinky, Alien, Scotty, Darin, and some other little knuckle brains through themsleves down that 4 block. Our boy Johnny Cruz came up with a switch frontside flip in the final seconds to steal the win from everyone and staking claim for Rosemead! At Spruce,  Matt Ferguson cruised out and saved the session. It was Matt, Mike, and Georgia battling. Georgia came up with the W by nailing a b/s nollie 270 on the large pyramid. Go Georgia, you wear the blanket and power up!

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