The Osiris D3 2001

osiris-d3The current trend in skate footwear is toward the lightest, vulcanized, no-frills shoe. At the turn of the millennium, however, the pendulum swung the opposite way. People were stuffing extra tongues into their shoes to fatten them up, and shoe companies were slapping on all kinds of “features” onto their kicks which only increased their weight and uselessness. In the late 1990s to early 2000s, you could pick up a shoe with one or all of the following features: stash pockets, double shoelaces à la L.A. Gear, velcro strips to fasten the hem of your compatible SAG (Smolik Action Gear) warmup pants to, multiple air bubbles, triple-thick ollie pads with quadruple stitching, and more “innovations” worthy of a facepalm.

d3sThe crowning achievement of this era is the Osiris D3 2001. It may not have all the features above, but it was pretty much the antithesis of the modern skate shoe. One D3 weighs as much as a pair of Half Cabs, and the lacing system makes baby Jesus cry — especially with the double lace option. The D3 was designed by Dave Mayhew, who skates exactly like you would imagine the designer of this shoe to. Lots of crazy tech tricks with awkward knock-knee landings in the middle of his board. Apparently, the original D3 wasn’t selling that well, but the updated D3 2001 took off like Lizard King’s popularity. 8 years ago, stores couldn’t keep them on the shelves. It wasn’t TK Supra-level pandemonium, but most colorways sold out really quick and could be seen on demographics from toddlers to grandparents. How or why, we will never know. I just hope Mayhew and Chet Thomas are chillin’ on a private island somewhere from shoe sales, filming the best 411 Chaos section imaginable.

Here’s an interesting quote from Skateboarder:
“The heads at Osiris will think twice the next time they contemplate discontinuing a sleepy seller. When Dave Mayhew wanted large lace loops for his third pro model, the folks at Osiris were less than optimistic about the samples. The D3 was very technical, bulky and the lace loops made it look awkward. It sold decently the first year, but sales began to dwindle. Six years later something inexplicable happened. “We were just about to pull the shoe from the line,” owner Tony Magnusson remembers, “when it took off like a friggin’ rocket.” The updated D3 2001 is rumored by many accounts to be the best selling pro-model skate shoe of all time”. –

Discuss below your all-time least favorite skate shoes.

Also **** them emo,tight jeans, look like ya mum did yo hair before u left for the skate park ***** ****ing haters

This is the best shoe I’ve ever had there homie thug ! I had the light navy blue one n they did wight a little but after I weareeeeeerd them out I got lighter shoes that made things a little easyer :-) :-) n the chicks love wearing 😉

I got a pair of these shoes in 2002 or 2003. Best shoes I’ve ever had. I don’t know how they work for skaters, but they were the most comfortable shoes.

“updated D3 2001 took off like Lizard King’s popularity”… so why are you comparing dumb shoes to Lizard King? This whole article is a waste of words. A simple “D3s are ******* lame, but popular with 14 year olds in 2000-2002.” would’ve worked.

Yo I paid $200 when I was 14 for the white/black pair and they were hella nice. The air pocket popped in them but I was pretty rough on them back then. Forgot the name and recently found an old CCS catalog with them in it. Reminded me to look for them, but can’t find the same color anywhere. I seriously would purchase three different pairs of different colors if I could find them all. Hate on it if you want, just more chances for me to buy them up. They seriously should bring these back for a year or so, I’d go ballistic with the credit card.

D3 Master…I’m another interested customer if you have any of the following in size 11;
White/black – Black/red/white – Black/gum sole. All three would be dope. [email protected] Thanks.

Screw all the emo ****-heads wearing skin tight jeans and shoes, and thank goodness fat kicks are coming back!

The greatest shoes ever.. all those young kids believe they invented the whole expensive shoes things. For god sake I paid 170$ canadian in 2001 when minimum wagw was 6.5/h… think about that a minute

OSIRIS D3 are wonderful, I love this shoes and I hope they do this shoes again, like first model or 2001 model. These are the best shoes ever made.

D3 master..
if you still sell those shoes email me i used to have the all white with a little black and red ones and id like to get another pair. email me if you get a chance [email protected]

They are my favourite skate shoes, but the models of the pictures are not precisely the best. My favourite was a model called “Osiris D3 2001 black black”, with two kids of black. I felt in love the first time i saw them.

Problems… their life is a bit short, and very expensive.
But very comfortable and sooo pretty shoes. They were the top of the style from the begining of the century. I like futuristic, i prefer it much more than the style of the current models. But is just an opinion.

Please, send me an email if you are selling D3s, because i ´m interested in.

[email protected]

Sorry if i made mistakes with my english, im from spain.

id rock these shoes. you people jsut hatin on people. plus daves a pretty cool guy. so all yall *** need to stop hatin

And if anyone else has a pair for sale you can contact me at the same email address. Im looking for size 12. peace.

these shoes are the best. if you really wanna buy some. i sell them all the time on ebay. at the time in 2000 i was opening an internet store and i stocked up on so many and never did do the shop. ive sold about 30 pair of them in the past 4mths and i still have like 60 of them. i sell sizes 7 and down for 80 and bigger sizes up to 200. sounds to me like someone still likes them. ya dig. fagggs

i dont know why everyone hated these shoes, i had the all white ones and even though they weighed a ton they skated so good, i had mine for 7 months before ripping and then the sole flattened out and i skated every day. i just regret not buying more pairs because i loved these shoes. i think the only reason why people hate on it is because they weighed a lot, but when you skate an 8.25 board with indys and 55mm wheels a little extra weight doesnt really effect you much. unless your a ***** skater who buys everything possible to make your setup half a gram lighter (ex: magnesium trucks, almost uberlight bullshit, air core wheels, and the most tiny thin vulk shoes possible) i would suggest to buy these if you find them.

GOD, i had 3 pairs in 7th grade, they where the ‘cool’ shoes. Now that i look at them i cant help but barf in my mouth!!

I had the all black d3’s… Skated the F***** SH** out of them for over a year… and they never fell apart, then they turned into my snow skate shoes.. still never fell apart. BY FAR THE TOUGHEST SHOE I’VE OWNED

I’m not a skater, I’m a dancer, and these are absolutely amazing for dancing in.
There is a German website still selling them for 150 euros, but I can’t figure out if it’s secure or not… :(

I had a pair haha, I was stoked on them at the time! Dopest shoe ever by far was the es’ K3 though, needs a come back so bad, I’d cop a couple pair, especially the black with red sole colorway!

k3 are sick imo they go for like $250 on ebay my pair cost $230 and i love them. i used to skate those way back in the day but i always hated d3’s i couldn’t understand why people like them

I always hated these shoes. The all time worst shoe is the Koston 3 though. Straight up Jordans with an Es logo. Worst shoes for skating ever.