The Mars Volta Octahedron


The Mars Volta Is coming out with a new album at the end of the month. It’s called Octahedron. This album is a huge change from any of their previous albums because it’s really mellow. It’s pretty much a pop album.  In interviews over the past year they have claimed that this is their version of an “acoustic” album.  After listening to the album, and seeing them live, I’ve found out that they got rid of their sax/flute player, and their sound manipulator/backup guitar player. I saw them play this past Tuesday, and the show was still amazing. They mixed the old songs very well with the new more mellow songs. After they played their new single “Since We’ve Been Wrong” Cedric told everyone that it was their version of a Jonas Brothers cover…so that’s what you can expect from the new album.

Scope out some of the new tracks at


The chromatic number of an octahedral graph is 3.

The chromatic polynomial is pi(z)=z(z-1)(z-2)(z^3-9z^2+29z-32)