The ‘I Used to Skate’ Guy


I'm sure we have all heard the “I used to skate” line at one time or another. This usually comes from a local cop who's busting you for skating, or from the guy who is trying to be “hip” and earn your respect. First off, does anyone ever care if you used to skate? Second, even if you've skated every day for the past 12 years, does anyone care about that?

That being said, the other day, this random bro comes up to Scott, (another fellow Active employee) and myself and says “I just got into skating again!” That was bad enough, but even worse, this dude was ruling a sweet pair of Roces rollerblades. Scott immediately skated away from the situation while this idiot rapped my ear off about how good he used to be, and how if he never would've quit he would be pro right now. No one wants to hear about how good you use to be, or what you used to be for that matter. The dude might as well have told me that he could have been a professional ass clown for all I cared.

So here's my advice, let this random “I used to skate” guy know how you feel. Tell him to stop talking about it, and be about it. Oh, and if it's a guy's on a pair of rollerblades, just sweep the leg, and when he hit's the ground yell, “I used to rule the octagon!”

hey, i only started skatboardin about a month n a half ago nd cana lready ollie, manual, pop shuv it, nd almost kickflip. I thought it was pretty good lol, guess not. Got my new deck though, alien workshop K.I.S.S. deck, Venture trucks, bones red bearings and gold high rolla wheels. Is that any good?

and all of you are posers you **** especially all you “I used to skate guys you all suck infact its “8:28 and I am in N.J skateing a double kink so I am sure your all sleepin with your night lights right now so to me you all suck you all are posers and you all are I used to skate guy later punks

Well first off not everyone is trying to say i used to be mr suave on a skateboard Theres way too many damn people to be thinkin that way. And were do the lines of conversation come into play?? I mean u may not care what another has to say bout how it use to be, but anyone that use to skate and knows what there talking bout should be respected even from a skateboarder.. I mean whos that much of an ass??? ooo yea you? ha

I’ve had so many cops use the “i used to skate” line on my friends & I
it’s pretty funny after the hundredth time…and since when was Emerica, Thunder, and Spitfire poserish?

well i use to skate but was getting wrecked, i busted with mulder and the chaffey fam way before you guys were skating, fun time but i had to move on, but now im back, holla…

Haha The Angry Skateboarder rules! And so does Active. If there’s 2 things we really need in life it’s skateboarding and more Angry Skateboarder! Keep up the good work!

Whoa whoa Emerica is a poser brand? Boooop what do you know about skateboarding? Emerica is an amazing shoe brand. And enough with the poser word! If only i could play you in SKATE then run off with your board after i slaughter you in it.

pfft i know yall havnt heard of me but bladder you cant call everyone a poser when youre probably one yourself. but really nobody should say they used to skate. its either not skated or skated for lyfe, thats it man. skate or die!

to any 1 who weres Kr3w,emerica,baker,thunder,and spitfire
all are posers

mix it up


Blader who calls people posers? Thats something the 12 year old kids at my school scream at eachother all day until school ends and they play skate using a shuv and maybe a few attempts at kickflips until they realize they have run out of tricks.

I agree with TH thats right no one cares about those I used to skate **** also have the people who say that are either drunk or a cop who is yelling at me

You will try and skate the rest of your life until you fall and hurt yourself so bad due to being old =\ me and my friends have the ” I used to skate guy” too he works the deli by our ledge but he is harmless just chills inside the store watching us til he decides to get up and make for the door as we make for the next spot in escape

I used to have a life. Just kidding. I just saw five fruitbooters out in the parking lot, lacing up to go skate the etnies Jail of Lake Forest. I thought that she-ight was dead.

i used to skate, had to get a real job, havent had time to grab a board in the past 4 months.. sad! now i have to pay for things!

kids at school always tell me i will grow out of skating when i get a car or married but they will never understand. i seriously dont know if i want to live at a point where skating isnt posible for me. maybe ill get lucky and die when im 40… a prayin

i used to skate until the dude that hooked me up with boards started taking them back cause he cant land right

What is Asain, aLLie? Maybe you should learn how to spell before you try to insult people you retard! HA!

Was the “i use to skate” guy asain ? cause that would have made this story 10x better… an asain on blades ! HA!

what a douche, ill definitely take up your advice and sweep the leg anyway no matter what theyre doin