The Greatest Album Cover Ever

b0dfe03ae7a0726752cdb110l In today’s digital music world, one of the things I miss the most is appreciating great album art. We used to walk up and down the aisles in record stores and pickup CD’s or albums that caught our eye. Now, we click the download button and never have the feeling of physically holding the music in our hands. Technology is awesome, don’t get me wrong in fact, I’m currently listening to a mix station on Pandora of only music that I like.¬† The future is here, and for the most part it makes things better. But just look at this album cover 1998’s release from¬† Big Bear called, “Doin Thangs.” I haven’t listend to anything from Big Bear, and I never will. No sound in this universe could ever live up to this cover.

This looks like one of Brian Fellows’ Safari Planet day dreams…”Dat crazy Grizzly is smokin my cigars again!”