The Erica Yary Interview

Everything You Wanted To Know About Erica Yary” –Ride Channel
A really rad interview on Erica Yary with her humble beginnings here at Active, bringing up this blog you’re reading, also where she’s been after being here and so forth. Side note: Thinking of it now, I probably wouldn’t have my job without her 😉
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Billy Marks, Erica Yary, & Trevor Colden at a Tampa Pro after party 2015

“Given that skateboarding is male-dominated, the females who participate in its culture can sometimes feel like outsiders. As if fitting in isn’t hard enough, women usually receive the short end of the stick when it comes to respect, success, and opportunity in the workplace. Nevertheless, willingly working against all these odds can really show a person’s passion and commitment to their culture. Although many may be too discouraged to get seriously involved in skateboarding, women like Erica Yary see it as an opportunity. She has built one of the most prominent positions in skateboarding, through her successful marketing and entertainment career with some of the most well-established skate companies, and continues to push the boundaries of the industry. The story of how she came to where she is today is an inspiring one, and well worth the read. I am so stoked I got the chance to talk to her about the last 15 years of her career, her marketing, TV personality, and why it’s important for females to be strong when trying to make it in a traditionally exclusive professional environment.”
(via Chanelle Rezko – Get Born)

Karaoke time with Chris Cole in Ybor City, FL

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