The Deathwish Video Premier @ Orpheum Theater!

Photos from the World Premier of The Deathwish Video! Congrats to Active Team Rider, Jon Dickson for turning PRO that night!

Greeted by J.Thorpe & Steven Hernandez!
Baker Boys Dist. homies, Jay Thorpe & Steve Hernandez got the goods!

Media badge
What does this exactly mean?…

The Deathwish Video Marquee @ Orpheum Theater
World Premier… same place where Pretty Sweet premiered.

Skaters Discount...
The Broadway Bar next door had a special discount for skateboarders…


orpheum theater

The Phelper

Figgy & Erik Ellington
Figgy & Erik Ellington




Thomas' Volume Four Hair Cut
Thomas Bonilla‘s Volume Four buzz

Chris Gregson!
Chris Gregson!

Mickey Reyes, Jake Phelps, & Mike Burnett
Mickey Reyes, Jake Phelps, & Mike Burnett

Jake Phelps & Collin Provost
Collin Provost

Asian John & JT Rhoades
Asian John & JT Rhoades!

Gregory & Jon Dickson
Brotherly love, Gregory & Jon Dickson!

Mama Slash!
Mama Slash! Rad shirt!


Sentimental Hugs
Sentimental Hugs

Slash, Dee, Doug, Erik, Mike, & Jon

Andrew Reynolds & Erik Ellington
Two bosses, Andrew Reynolds & Erik Ellington!

Jon Dickson & Erik Ellington
Dickson & Ellington

Windsor James
Windsor James

The Phelper
as I walk by, The Phelper throws this dude’s board down…

No Wheels Mall Grab
might be because of this…

No Wheels
he has no wheels!

Neen & Julian Davidson
Julian Davidson greets Neen

Brian Hansen & Riley Hawk
Brian Hansen & Riley Hawk (wearing the Morgnar Woven)!…


Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles

Beagle & his lady!
Beagle and his lady!

Night Pizza
Pentagram pizza…

Deathwish Video Premier
the night falls

Mike Carroll & Jake Phelps
Mike Carroll & Jake Phelps

The Nuge & Slash with Erica Yary & Jamie Thomas
Nuge, Slash, & The Chief with Erica Yary

More hugs

Figgy & Mario!
Figgy & Mario!

Deathwish Premier
The Chino homies made the cut!

Taylor Kirby interviewed by Erica Yary

Active Girls: Jenna, Katrina, Melissa, & Tara
These Active girls wanna be in the blog!!! Jenna, Katrina, Melissa, & Tara

Deathwish Premier
wooooorlllddd preemmmmiiieerrr!!!!!!!

Deathwish Premier
I see Sinclair mainly observing the screen…

Met Mike Burnett for like, the 100th time!… he took a photo of us, hopefully we made it on BURNOUT.

Mario & Joey!
Mario Miller & Joey Coleman actin’ hella sus…

The Deathwish Video Premier

I see Neckface just chillin’…

Jared & Codi Hagar with Vanessa Torres
The Hagar bro’s & Vanessa Torres!

Brian's Spring Roll Sushi Thing...
Brian‘s sushi roll thing-a-majig…

Chad Muska & Oscar Meza!
The MUSKA with Oscar Meza!!!

Jim Greco & Erik Ellington
Deathwish BOWSES…

The Phelper, Greco, & EE

Jim Greco, Lizard King, & Slash
Lizard cheers in the team

Jon Dickson, Taylor Kirby, Furby
They roll up, Dickson has no idea what he’s got coming for him!

Deathwish Video Premier

Deathwish Video Premier

Jon Dickson Announced PRO
Jon Dickson officially announced PRO as roller-derby chicks jolt through with a couple of his pro models

Jon Dickson PRO
trembled in disbelief, the moment when he figures out what’s going on…

Roller Girls

Slash holding up Dickson's PRO model
He still can’t believe it!

Slash with Dickson's PRO Deathwish deck!
Slash holding up Dickson‘s Pro Deathwish Deck

Jim Greco & Jake Phelps

The Phelper & Erik Ellington

Jon Dickson holding up his pro model
He’s so stoked!!!

Jon Dickson turns PRO
Strictly after this, Greco told everyone not to take pictures until after the video. 5 years in the making!!!

After the Deathwish Video, Blake from Workaholics
First dude I see after the video, Blake from Workaholics! he scored the video a touchdown!

Neen Williams, Jon Dickson after premier
Neen & Dickson

After the Deathwish Premier

After Deathwish Premier
people wandering & wondering where the after party is at…

Oceanside Local!
this O-side loc is ready!!!

Mike Carroll & Jon Dickson!
Mike Carroll fanning out on Jon Dickson!

Orpheum Theater for The Deathwish Video World Premier

Chad Muska & Geoff Rowley
Saw The Muska & Rowley, HAD to get this photo!

After Party Mobbin'
The excavation to the after-party at Down & Out… which I didn’t go to!

Thanks to DEATHWISH & SUPRA for a fruckin’ amazing night!